Mini oil milling plant


Mini oil milling plant from AGICO is featured of advanced technology, easy installation, efficient oil producing and fine economic benefit. It requires smaller land spacing and little investment compared with large automatic oil milling plant, but mini oil milling plant still contains complete functions that oil milling plant equipped. Compared with single oil press, mini [...]

Screw oil press


Screw oil press is also called oil seed expeller, which is the core equipment or the most vital part of the complete oil milling plant. So to speak, screw oil presses are essential no matter in small scale or large scale oil processing plant. The operation mechanism of screw oil press is very simple. When the screw press is working, [...]

Industrial high-pressure frame filter


Industrial high-pressure frame filter or commercial frame filter (plate oil-filter) is specially designed for large scale oil production plant (oil manufacturing and oil refining process). Generally speaking, commercial frame filters are widely used to separate solid and liquid of each kind of suspension liquid. In other professions such as oil dewaxing, coal, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, [...]

Small plate and frame filter press


Oil Filtering Press has been around since early 1800s in the United Kingdoms. At that time, oil filter presses functioned in removing seed oils through pressure cells as we still have today. Nowadays, more sophisticated filter press machines are available in the market with various types of standards and configurations. Oil filtering presses are now known [...]

Small edible oil production line


The small edible oil production line connects small types of oil manufacturing machines together and realize the continuous work. Generally speaking, a complete small edible oil production line contains cleaning sieve, cooker, oil expeller and oil filter press. Sometimes, a shelling machine is also needed. You should remember that that do the shelling process before you [...]

Auto-temperature controlled oil extraction machine


Auto-temperature controlled oil extraction machine is an advanced model of screw oil pressing machine. It not only has all the features of continuation oil screw presses, but also combines unique advantages: The screw shaft and main pressing cage is internally installed electric heating pipes which can pre-heat the oil-bearing materials at the same time. Which can absolutely save the pre-heating time. [...]

Automatic multifunction screw press


The picture below is the automatic multifunction screw press for oil extraction. Automatic screw press machine from AGICO consists of four parts: the feeder, press chamber, electrical control and two vacuum filter drum. Compared with the screw oil press machine, the vacuum filter drum is the biggest difference. The oil made from automatic screw press [...]

Oil mill


As the key equipment in complete oil pressing line, AGICO oil mill machine is designed for expelling oil out from the oil seeds by using physical mechanical pressing method. The capaciy of single oil mill machine ranges 10-200TPD. AGICO high quality mechanical oil mill is suitable for all kinds of oil-bearing crops and plants, such as peanut/groundnut, soybean, [...]

Oil filtering machine


After pressing process of edible oil, we often use the oil filtering machine to clean the crude oil firstly in order to remove most of the mechanical impurities before going to the oil refining process. This filtering process can lighten the burden during the oil refining process. What's more, the oil filtering machine can be used in [...]

Oil expeller


Oil expeller is also called oil screw machine or oil press. In a complete oil milling plant, oil expeller  is designed to use physical mechanical pressing method to press oil out from the oil seeds. On the production process of oil expeller, various kinds of raw material are suitable. Such as peanut/groundnut, soybean, sunflower seed, corn [...]