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Project Description

The small edible oil production line connects small types of oil manufacturing machines together and realize the continuous work. Generally speaking, a complete small edible oil production line contains cleaning sieve, cooker, oil expeller and oil filter press. Sometimes, a shelling machine is also needed. You should remember that that do the shelling process before you begin the extraction process if you choose peanut, melon seed as the oil corps. It is no exaggeration to say, you can use this small edible oil production line to product almost any kind of oil, including soybeans, peanuts, cotton seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, palm kernel, coconut and so on.


This type of small oil pressing line not only reduces your workload, but also saves your time to solve the coordinate problems of oil pressing machines.

Main Equipments in Small Oil Pressing Line

1. Shelling Machine for Small Oil Pressing Line

At first, you should consider that whether you need to choose a shelling machine according to your prepared oil corps.


Model 6GH-400B 6GH-500B 6GH-800C 6GH-1600C 6GH-3000C
Capacity 400kg/hr 500kg/hr 800kg/hr 1600kg/hr 3000kg/hr
Shelling Ratio ≥95% ≥95% ≥98% ≥98% ≥98%
Crushing Ratio ≤5% ≤5% ≤4% ≤4% ≤4%
Cleaning Degree ≥95.5% ≥95.5% ≥97.5% ≥97.5% ≥97.5%
Power 2.2kw/2p 2.2kw/2p 4kw/4p 7.5kw/4p 4-11kw
Worker Required 1-2 person 1-2 person 2-3 person 2-4 person 3~5 person
Weight 127kg 130kg 330kg 700kg 850kg
Size(mm) 1200×660×1240 1400×750×1550 1520×1060×1660 2400×1100×2300 2150×1560×2250

Peanut shelling machine consists of frame, triangle wheel, vibration sieve, hopper, screen, rotor, fan, single-phase motor. When equipment is normal operation, you should put the peanut quantitative, uniform, continuous into the hopper. Under the rotation of the rotor of wind pressure and blow, the peanut will hit repeatedly, friction, collision of the rotor, then peanut shells and broken. Peanut kernels and the broken peanut shells through a certain aperture sieve (peanut threshing with big hole mesh for the first time, after cleaning the small fruit skin changing sieve into a small hole on the second shell), then, peanut shells, particles are rotating fan blow force, light weight of peanut shell was blown out of the body, peanut kernels by screening of vibrating screen to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

2. Cleaning Machine for Small Oil Pressing Line


This type of oilseed cleaning machine is used to remove the impurities, such as stone, steel scraps, dust, and mud from oil corps in small oil pressing line. Through cleaning process, the oil corp quality and oil yield would rise significantly. Oil seeds cleaning machine is popular in global market, so do not hesitate to buy it for your oil milling factory.

Model Capacity Power Cleaning Rate Size Net Weight
6SX-400 200-400kgs/hour 1.5KW >98% 1500*640*1150mm 130kgs
6SX-1200 3-5Ton/hour 1.5KW >98% 1400*800*1900mm 550KG

Why Oilseeds Cleaner So Important in Oil Pressing Line?

Oilseeds cleaner has many advantages as below:

  • Improve the quality of corps, and increase oil yield
  • Continuous working with lighter noise
  • High efficiency and energy-saving

3. Oilseeds Cooker for Small Oil Pressing Line


Putting a oilseed cooker or oilseed roasting machine into this production line is aimed to increase the oil output. The main function of oilseeds cooker is roast oil corps till the suitable heat for extract oil easier. Now this oilseed cooking device has being the essential part of oil pressing line gradually.

Model 6GT-700 6GT-1000 6GT-1800
Capacity 150-100kg/h 500-600kg/h 1000kg/h
Power 1.5kw 2.2kw 4kw
Weight 160kg 400kg 800kg
Dimension(mm) 1600*1100*1300 2100*1070*1420 2100*1300*1600

The oilseed cooker is made up of machine frame, hopper, cylinder, block fire cover. When start working, the cooking machine motor drives the gear shaft by the V-belt, the gear on the gear shaft drives the big gear on the cylinder to run. Then the cylinder rotates continuously and uniformly, the materials are fed into the cylinder to be roasted.

Tips for Cooking Process of Seed Oil Production

  • Firstly, you must make sure that every part of the machine is well assembled.
  • Secondly, start machine for about 5 to 10 minutes to check whether it operate smoothly and add some lubricating oil if necessary.
  • Thirdly, in the roasting process, other people can’t approach the machine except the operator.
  • Fourth, don’t touch the roasting machine body or the driving device when it runs.
  • Fifth, the roasting time is determined by the raw oil-bearing mateiral, usually 15 to 30 minutes.

4. Screw Oil Expeller for Small Oil Pressing Line

In the small oil pressing line, the oil pressing machine or called scrw oil expeller is essential. There are two types of screw oil expellers, one is traditional screw oil press machine, and the other is integrated oil press. There are some differences between traditional screw oil press and integrated oil press. The screw oil press machine should be connected with oil press filter. While the integrated oil press expeller is designed with two vacuum filter drums, in which you can realize oil extraction and filtering at the same time.


Parameters of screw oil expeller for small oil pressing line

Model Capacity(T/24H) Power(KW) Dimensions(MM) Weight(KG)
YZS-68 0.8-1 5.5 920*390*750 150
YZS-80 2-3 5.5 1540*540*620 370
YZS-95 5 11 1920*550*765 480
YZS-100 4-5 7.5 1910*610*765 550
YZS-120 6 15 1970*700*780 680
YZS-130 9-12 18.5 2320 *700 *780 820
YZS-165 15-20 22-30 2290*750*1020 1600


Model Power(KW) Capacity(KG/H) Dimension(MM) Weight(KG)
YZS-30 1.5 kw 15 kg/h 900*900*1100 mm 156 kg
YZS-60 2.2 kw 30 kg/h 600*650*880 mm 210 kg
YZS-70 4 kw 30 kg/h 1000*1000*1250 mm 256 kg
YZS-80A 5.5+0.75 kw 2~3 kg/h 1860*670*1680 mm 780 kg
YZS-95A 7.5+1.5 kw 5 kg/h 2250*890*1820 mm 900 kg
YZS-100A 7.5+1.1 kw 5 kg/h 2270*750*1820 mm 900 kg
YZS-120A 15+1.1 kw 6 kg/h 2280*890*1775 mm 1000 kg
YZS-130A 18.5+1.5 kw 10 kg/h 2350*810*2000 mm 1000 kg

5. Filter Press for Small Oil Pressing Line


Oil filter press machine uses the filter cloth to refine the oil got from oil press machine. Over this step, you can get crude oil.

Model Capacity No.of filter plates Dimension of filter plate Working pressure Power Dimension Weight
6LB-250 50-60Liters/hour 13pcs 250*250mm 0.3-0.4MPa 0.75kw 780*530*670mm 155kg
6LB-350 125-255Liters/hour 25pcs 350*350mm 0.3-0.4MPa 1.1kw 1300*750*700mm 470kg

Tips for Small Scale Oil Filtering Process

  • All the pipe clips should be tightened to prevent leakage of the oil.
  • Filtering cloth should be put between the filter plates, and then lightened by tension bolt to make sure no leakage exists.
  • Oil will be expelled two or three minutes after starting the machine under normal operation, if no oil exits the oil press, please stop the machine or inspect oil pipe for blockage.
  • The valve is installed for use when the filtering cloth becomes torn or the oil looks becomes dirt.
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