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Project Description

Screw oil press is also called oil seed expeller, which is the core equipment or the most vital part of the complete oil milling plant. So to speak, screw oil presses are essential no matter in small scale or large scale oil processing plant.


The operation mechanism of screw oil press is very simple. When the screw press is working, the precooked seeds are fed into the chamber of the machine through a hopper. The screwing action of the machine forcefully pushes the oil seeds towards the narrow end. As the oil seeds are pressed and forcefully pushed to the narrow end, oil is squeezed out of the seed due to increased pressure and harvested via the tiny holes. The refuse or by-product of harvested seed oil is collected as oil cakes and can be sold to generate additional revenues to the business. Most processing plants finance some of their operations from the sales of oil seed by-product or oil cakes.

After a couple of years of experience in the oil press machine industry, we are experts and offer a wide variety of high-quality screw oil press models with different capacities and capabilities. You can always be sure to get the best oil press machine that fits your oil making needs from these varieties of the collection. We are endowed with industry experts who will be pleased to guide and advise you through the whole process. With a AGICO screw oil press machine, you can start a business with low investment and high return. We have a professional team of experts in oil milling industry, loyal and always at your service wholeheartedly.

Belows are the technical details and pertinent information about some of our screw oil presses:

Model Capacity(T/24H) Power(KW) Dimensions(MM) Weight(KG)
YZS-68 0.8-1 5.5 920*390*750 150
YZS-80 2-3 5.5 1540*540*620 370
YZS-95 5 11 1920*550*765 480
YZS-100 4-5 7.5 1910*610*765 550
YZS-120 6 15 1970*700*780 680
YZS-130 9-12 18.5 2320 *700 *780 820
YZS-165 15-20 22-30 2290*750*1020 1600

A screw oil press is made up of a screw-shaped enclosed in a sealed chamber which has both the inlet and outlet. The inlet and outlet are used to input oil seeds to be processed and harvest the oil subsequently. There is also another outlet for collecting the seeds by product.

Working Principles of  Screw Oil Press / Expeller

Screw oil press machine works by pushing oil seeds through a caged barrel-like cavity. The device uses continuous pressure and friction from the screw drives to compress and moves the oil seeds with the waste products exiting through the other side. The extracted oil flows out through small openings that do not allow the solid seed fiber to pass through. After that, the pressed oil seeds and waste products are formed into a hardened cake and is removed from the machine through another opening on the other side.

Oil Seed Preparation before Screw Oil Pressing

Prior preparation of oil seeds before processing or oil extraction slightly varies but depends much on the oil content and physical properties of the oil seeds. However, almost all oil seeds go through the normal process of seed cleaning, seed drying, seed size reduction, seed flaking, cooking and finally tempering.

Unit operations for oil seed pre-treatment prior to extraction

  • Soybeans (traditional process): Soybean Drying → Tempering → Cleaning → Cracking → Dehulling → Conditioning → Flaking → to Oil Extraction
  • Canola Seeds: Cleaning → Pre-heating → Flaking → Conditioning → Press → to Solvent Extraction
  • Sunflower Seeds: Cleaning → Dehulling (optional) → Pre-heating → Flaking → Press → to Solvent Extraction

Suitability of AGICO Screw Oil Press Machine

AGICO screw oil press is suitable for processing various kinds of vegetable oil seeds and nuts.


Oilseeds and Nuts for screw oil press: Mustard Seeds, sunflower seeds, Rapeseed, soya beans, Canola Seeds, Soybean, Castor Seeds, Shea nuts, Coconut or Copra seeds, Karanja Seeds, Cotton Seeds, Jatropha seeds, Corn Germ, Neem Seeds, Flax Seeds, palm kernel, Groundnuts, Sesame Seeds, Shea Nuts, Soya bean / Soybean, Groundnut, etc.

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