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Project Description

The picture below is the automatic multifunction screw press for oil extraction. Automatic screw press machine from AGICO consists of four parts: the feeder, press chamber, electrical control and two vacuum filter drum. Compared with the screw oil press machine, the vacuum filter drum is the biggest difference. The oil made from automatic screw press is cleaner, and the quantity and quality are also improved a lot. Moreover, this type automatic multifunction screw press in vegetable oil extraction plant is suitable for both cold pressing and hot pressing.


Specifications of the Multifunction Screw Press Oil Extraction

Model Power(KW) Capacity(KG/H) Dimension(MM) Weight(KG)
YZS-30 1.5 kw 15 kg/h 900*900*1100 mm 156 kg
YZS-60 2.2 kw 30 kg/h 600*650*880 mm 210 kg
YZS-70 4 kw 30 kg/h 1000*1000*1250 mm 256 kg
YZS-80A 5.5+0.75 kw 2~3 kg/h 1860*670*1680 mm 780 kg
YZS-95A 7.5+1.5 kw 5 kg/h 2250*890*1820 mm 900 kg
YZS-100A 7.5+1.1 kw 5 kg/h 2270*750*1820 mm 900 kg
YZS-120A 15+1.1 kw 6 kg/h 2280*890*1775 mm 1000 kg
YZS-130A 18.5+1.5 kw 10 kg/h 2350*810*2000 mm 1000 kg

Main Parameters of Peanut, Soybean and Sesame for Oil Pressing

Raw Material Raw Material In-feed per 24 hours (KG/HR) Oil Output Per 100kg of Raw Material (KG) Dry Cake Residual
Peanut 4000-6000 35-45 7
Soybean 4000-5000 10-14 6-7
Sesame 4000-6000 44-47 6.5-7.5

Operating Specification of Multifunction Screw Press

  1. Firstly, you should prepare the needed auxiliaries and contains, check and adjust the tight degree. Then start the motor, the machine idle running about 15 min, check squeezer shaft speed.
  2. When you cast oil corps into feeder, you must keep the speed well-proportioned. If you add corps too fast, the pressure in barrel will rise promptly, even cause burst event. What’s more, you should pay more attention on the oil cake’s thick.

Superiorities of Multifunction Screw Press for Oil Extraction:

  • It contains three functions, including heating, pressing and filtering.
  • User-friendly and energy-saving operation, wide vegetable seeds application, higher oil output and long-term continuous performance.
  • Good after-sale service and installation and trial run service.
  • We can help you to design the project for you according to your special requirement.
  • Continuous working with lighter noise.
  • You can control the heat temperature when oil corps are pressing.

We have been specializing in the field of edible oil extraction machine for more than 20 years. After years of research and development, our company has been equipped with advanced technology and equipments to ensure high quality extraction machines. Besides, we have professional professional design teams and experienced workers. Therefore, our integrated oil extraction equipment can be the leading oil press machine in the world and is well recognized by our clients. We are the Golden Supplier of ALIBABA and we can ensure the quality and price.

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