Flour detacher


Flour Detacher is a necessary equipment for corn flour grinding production. Flour detacher can make the material rotating to get great centrifugal force utilize high-speed rotating impeller, pin and impact ring. Under the impact of rotating impeller, pin and impact ring, the flour detacher can loose the flour flake generated in flour grinding process, and [...]

Dust catcher


AGICO dust collector or dust catcher is a necessary assistant of grain mill/grinder such as corn milling machine. It adopts circular filter bag. In general, a dust collector includes tank (chamber), enclosure, ash hopper, frame, pulse injection device and other parts. In flour milling process, the dust air go through the inlet, when it go [...]

Bran finisher


High quality Bran finisher machine produced by AGICO can remove the four particles adhesive on the bran, thus improve the flour extraction rate of flour mill. In grain processing plant, bran finisher is widely applied to the field of wheat, rye, spelt, millet, buckwheat, oats and barley flour plant. In terms of functionality, bran finisher has the [...]

Square plansifter


In grain processing line, square plansifter is also named as high efficiency vibrating plansifter. Square plansifter is one of the key equipment for flour milling process and grain grinding production. In all the flour processing machines of AGICO, four mill, plansifter and purifier are three main flour mill machines for sale. Plansifter is generally used [...]

Flour purifier


Purification is the combined effect of sieving and suction. Purification can reduce the bran content, which helps improve the quality of flour in high-grade flour milling production. It can decrease the temperature of the material. Compared with the wheat mill plant without flour purifier, both the color and quality of final flour will be greatly [...]

Pneumatic flour mill


Pneumatic flour mill is one type of flour mill widely used in grain milling including wheat and rice grinding. The pneumatic flour mill adopts pneumatic feeding system which is featured of high sensitivity and good performance in continues running. The base frame is made of one whole cast iron, which can reduce the noise and prevent [...]