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Project Description

Flour Detacher is a necessary equipment for corn flour grinding production. Flour detacher can make the material rotating to get great centrifugal force utilize high-speed rotating impeller, pin and impact ring. Under the impact of rotating impeller, pin and impact ring, the flour detacher can loose the flour flake generated in flour grinding process, and separate the endosperm adhere on the bran.


flour detacher

As an important flour machine of corn flour mill, flour detacher is used to impact the output product of flour grinder in the milling process. Flour detacher plays a helpful role in assisting grinding machine and plansifter and can largely improve the milling and sieving efficiency. Meanwhile, flour detacher can break the flour flake or kill insects in the flour material, and effectively improve the final quality of flour.

Specifications of flour detacher

Model Capacity (t/h) Diameter (mm) Speed (n/min) Power(kw) Dimensions (L×W×H)(mm)
KFSLZ-43 1-2 Φ430 2960 3 670×550×570
1.5-2.3 4
KFSLZ-51 2-2.3 Φ510 2960 5.5 770×660×635
  • Welding steel structure housing, durable spare parts and low maintenance cost.
  • The pin is made of low carbon alloy steel through surface nitridation and carburizing treatment, so that to ensure good wear resistance.
  • Advanced processing method and manufacturing process ensures the machining accuracy and quality.
  • Stable running: the rotor passes high precision dynamic balance check.
  • High efficiency.

Design drawing of AGICO flour detacher for flour milling

flour detacher profile

As a reliable flour milling machinery supplier, AGICO can produce and supply high quality flour detacher. We can offer wheat flour mill, corn grinding machine and all ancillary equipments for flour milling plant. Send us an email if you are interested in our product!

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