Flour purifier

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Project Description

Purification is the combined effect of sieving and suction. Purification can reduce the bran content, which helps improve the quality of flour in high-grade flour milling production. It can decrease the temperature of the material. Compared with the wheat mill plant without flour purifier, both the color and quality of final flour will be greatly improved after purification.

FQFD Type Flour Purifier from AGICO

FQFD Type flour purifier is one of the main equipment of wheat mill plant. The flour purifier is applied for purifying and grading of semolina and middling semolina, wheat flour. It is widely used in wheat, maize and corn mills.

purifier for grain mill plant

Flour Purifier is mainly composed of feeding device, screen box, sieve frame, discharging device and suction system. Through the combined effect of winnowing and screening, separate pure endosperm, bran with flour and mashed bran, and send them to different grinding system for milling. Bran goes to break system; bran with flour goes to scratch system; flour goes to reduction system.

Specification of flour purifier from AGICO

Type FQFD3
Capacity (kg/h) Semolina 800-1200
Flour 600-1000
Power (KW) 2×0.18 2×0.25
Amplitude ( Frequency/min ) 8.5-9
Covers Angle 590
Air (m3 /min) 35-65 40-70 55-90
Size (mm) 2190*1085*1510 2700*1300*1700 2700*1500*1700
Approx. weight (kg) 800 970 1100

Features of High Quality Flour Purifier from AGICO

  • Adopt high quality cold-rolled steel;
  • Both steel and aluminum plate is made by laser cutting machine and CNC bending machine molding to ensure high precision;
  • Smooth appearance, good looking;
  • All of the steel plates adopt Panasonic CO2 shielded welding.
  • Imported rubber spring;
  • Polished stainless steel slider;
  • Aluminum surface oxidation;
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