Batch oil refining line


Batch oil refining is one main kind of oil refining method, which is suitable for various types of oil materials (both for vegetable oils and animal oils), such as soybean oil, peanuts oil, sunflower oil, rape seeds oil, cottonseeds oil, coconut oil, palm oil, niger seeds oil, rice bran oil, fish oil, seal oil and [...]

Continuous oil refining plant


Continuous type oil refining is a large scale of oil refining method for edible oil production. In general, continuous type oil refining plant is recommended against the batch refining for higher capacity plants above 30 tons per day and for oils containing higher FFA content. For the differences of manufacturing processes, continuous oil refining process line is [...]

Semi-Continuous oil refining line


Semi-continuous oil refining process is designed basing on batch oil refining process, but the oil capacity is higher than batch type. Compared with batch oil refining method, semi-continuous oil refining process is more efficient. Meanwhile, semi-continuous oil refining process needs less investment cost than fully continuous oil refining plant. The semi-continuous oil refining capacity can [...]