Grain dehuller


Grain huller is also named as dehuller, peeler and hulling machine. Generally, there is a sieve to screen and separate the peel pieces and bran from the raw grain. Our grain dehuller for sale is featured of long service life, compact structure, low price, high efficiency, high output, easy operation and great hulling effect. Evidence [...]

Grain scourer


Wheat cleaning is an important part of flour milling process, and the purpose of grain cleaning is to clean up the grain surface. In all the types of grain cleaning machines, Grain Scourer is a common type cleaning machine for wheat cleaning process.  There are generally two ways to clean up the surface of wheat. [...]

Color sorting machine


As its name, color sorting machine is used for removing the color of grain cops when processing grain powders. In complete grain processing line, color sorting machine (color sorter) is a common equipment for flour grinding. It is designed for photoelectric color selection of grain processing, including rice, corn, seeds and soybeans. The color sorting [...]

Magnetic selector


This magnetic selector is a kind of small magnetic separation equipment made from AGICO for your grain processing plant. And what's important is that the magnetic selector doesn't need any power. It can directly be installed on the entrance of maize milling machines, or be concatenated in the elephant trunks of flour milling plant. The [...]

Gravity grading stoner


Gravity grading stoners are widely used in grain pretreatment processing. As its name, gravity grading stoner can remove the stone similar to the size of raw material, and other high density and low density impurities. This specific gravity stoner can be divided into upper layer and the lower layer. The upper layer can classify the [...]

Rotary sieve


This is the rotary sifter made by AGICO, a common cleaning equipment for wheat or corn flour production plant. The rotary sieve is often used to spate impurities from raw grain to achieve the purpose of cleaning up the raw grain such as wheat and maize. It can be widely applied in large, medium and small scale [...]

Vibrating sieve


AGICO TQLZ series vibrating sieve is mainly used in wheat cleaning production to screen out big, medium, small and light impurities. The whole machine adopts special sealing design, avoiding dust problem. This series of cleaning sieve adopts high quality vibration motor and vibration damping rubber spring. The vibrating sieve has many features like low noise, steady operation, [...]