Rotary sieve

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Project Description

This is the rotary sifter made by AGICO, a common cleaning equipment for wheat or corn flour production plant. The rotary sieve is often used to spate impurities from raw grain to achieve the purpose of cleaning up the raw grain such as wheat and maize. It can be widely applied in large, medium and small scale of flour processing plant such as sifting process of corn flour production. In general, this type of rotary sieve is capable of cleaning corn, rapeseed, soybean, barley, rice, peanuts and so on.


When the rotary sieve is running, raw grain materials are added from the feed port and fall on the grading screen. During precleaning, big impurities such as string, straw and stones will be removed. In further sieving processing, medium impurities will be removed. Then, the grain will fall on the fine sieve to remove broken grain, sand and other small impurities. In discharge port, light impurities such as mud, ash and ice husk will be removed by induced draft.

Specification of rotary sieve

Model Screen cloth size Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Weight (Kg) Size L*W*H(mm)
TQLM63 100×63 2-3 2×0.55 500 1355×936×946
TQLM80 150×80 3-5 2×0.75 635 2120×1265×1645
TQLM100 150×100 5-8 2×0.75 750 2120×1465×1645
TQLM125 150×125 8-12 2×1.1 885 2120×1715×1645
TQLM160 160×150 12-16 2×1.5 996 2120×2065×1645


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