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Project Description

Grain huller is also named as dehuller, peeler and hulling machine. Generally, there is a sieve to screen and separate the peel pieces and bran from the raw grain. Our grain dehuller for sale is featured of long service life, compact structure, low price, high efficiency, high output, easy operation and great hulling effect. Evidence shows that, the finished grain process through grain dehuller stays integrated. The grain dehuller can deal with maize, sorghum, wheat, beans, rice and other grain.

grain dehuller

Grain dehuller is mainly adapted in small grain workshop and medium grain plant and the hulling rate is above 98%. Grain dehuller made from AGICO can work alone and also in a production line. FTP series maize/wheat dehullers adopt dry hulling process. You don’t need to add water during the process. It is widely applied to grain hulling production. It can process beans, wheat and corn.

Working Principle of Grain Dehuller

When the grain dehuller is running, the roller in the machine will rotating to pull off the outside shell of grain. There is a duster used for sucking the shell pieces or dust in the feedstock so that to separate the kernel and shell. After shelling, the grain while have better appearance and color. The effect will be better if use with a brusher.

Hulling Capacity: 10TPD~200TPD

Specification of grain dehuller

Model Power Capacity Weight Size
FTP150 11kw Hulling maize 500-700kg/h
Hulling wheat 700-1000kg/h
Hulling beans 500-700kg/h
400kg 1350*700*1800mm
FTP500 18.5kw Hulling maize 1000-1500kg/h
Hulling wheat 1000kg/h
Hulling beans 1000kg/h
550kg 1600*800*1800mm
FTP1000 30kw Hulling maize 2000-3200kg/h
Hulling sorghum 2000-2500kg/h
Hulling beans 2000-2500kg/h
800kg 2100*1000*2000mm

With decades of experience in grain processing industry, AGICO has been the top corn dehuller machine supplier in China. Feel free to send us an inquiry through the below forms to know more details of our grain dehuller and other cleaning and hulling equipments.

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