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Project Description

In the process of grain cleaning, we can divide the whole process into three parts: dirty wheat processing, humidity controlling and clean wheat processing. Then the final clean wheat can be sent to flour milling system after these three cleaning processes.

grain cleaning system

Main Methods of Grain Cleaning Plant

  • Screening (different size): Remove impurities which are larger or smaller than wheat or other grain by sieving machine.
  • Air Separation (different floating velocity in air flow): Remove light impurities by air separator.
  • Gravity Grading (different specific gravity): Remove the inorganic impurity (stones and mud)havingsimilar size but different specific gravityby specific-gravity stoner.
  • Magnetic Separation(different magnetism): Remove magnetic metals by magnetic selector.
  • Fine Selecting (different shapes): Remove round impurities which are shorter or longer than wheat by foreign seeds extractor.
  • Impacting (different strength): Crush the impurities with lower strength than wheat by wheat scourer, thus screen out these impurities.
  • Optical Analysis (different color): Remove impurities having different color with wheat by color selector.
  • Hulling / Peeling: Remove the peels of  grain such as wheat, corn, sorghum and beans (Soybean, black soya bean, broad bean, butter bean, kidney bean, navy bean, mung bean, small red bean, sword bean, pea, pigeon pea, cowpea, phaseolus coccineus, chickpea, lentil…)

Equipments for grain cleaning and hulling

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