YPHD oilseed expander


Oilseed Expanders are particularly widely used in soybean oil pressing plants where they permitted considerable increase in plant capacity with only minimal renovation of existing process equipment. Except soya, oilseed expander is also suitable to process other oilseed materials like prepressed oilseed cakes. An expander can significantly increase the capacity of oil milling plant, or increase [...]

Scraper conveyor


Scraper conveyor or called drag conveyor, is designed for conveying powder, granular, small block materials. It is suitable to deal with oilseeds, granulated sugar, beans and other gain materials. In the oil processing industry, Scraper Conveyors are widely applied in vegetable oil milling plant, oil extraction line and other oil pressing projects. What affect the conveying [...]

Bucket elevator for oil processing


As one kind of transportation equipment in oil milling plant, bucket elevators are used for vertical lifting of powder and particle materials. Bucket elevator has many features like large hoisting height, stable lifting performance, small space occupation, good sealing and long service time. The hoisting height is adjustable according to customers' requirements (usually 7 to 10 meters). [...]

Soybean peeling machine


In oil milling plant, soybean peeling/hulling machine can effectively increase the oil extraction capacity and reduce residual oil in soybean meal. In general, the husk content of soybean is 5%~8%, while the oil content of the peel is less than 1%. Leaving the soy hulls in oilseed processing can waste spaces of oil press machine. [...]

Oilseeds dehulling machine


This type of disc hulling machine is also called cotton seeds decorticator or sunflower seeds dehuller/huller/hulling separator. In oil processing plant, disc hulling machine is one common pre-treatment equipment for oil seed processing. In general, this oilseed hulling machine is suitable to process sunflower seeds and cottonseed. Application: cotton seeds hulling/shelling and sunflower seeds hulling. [...]

Soybean extruder


Oilseed extruder is also called expander or extruding machine. In expander, the Soya Flake Heat is produced with the functions of kneading, friction between the spiral shaft and inner wall of expander, meanwhile eject in steam to increase flake temperature. When the material is discharged from the seed extruding machine (expander), it is expanded because [...]

Oilseed flaking machine


The oilseed flaking machine or called oil flaker is designed to use the mechanical extruding force to make the particle material into flake material. This could increase raw material superficial area, destroy cell wall of raw material, shorten the path of oil out from the cake, and improve oil yield rate when pressing.   Model [...]

Oil seeds crushing machine


Oil seeds crushing machine is also called cracking machine, which is designed to crush the raw materials into small pieces in order to meet the flaking condition in oil pressing plant. After crushing, it could increase the superficial area of raw material, beneficial for adjusting moisture and temperature when cooking. Usually it is suitable for soybean, peanut, palm [...]

Oilseeds cleaning machine


Oilseeds cleaning machines are designed to remove the impurities in the raw materials, such as stones, irons, plant leafs, straws, dust, etc. It usually includes cleaning sieve, destoning machine, magnetic selector and dust remover machines, etc. It is necessary pretreatment process in the oil pressing plant. After cleaning, it could increase the oil yield, improve [...]