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AGICO is a world leading professional grain processing line manufacturer that provides turnkey project design, installation and commissioning. We mainly engage in 10-1000ton/d wheat flour mill plant, 10-200ton/d maize/corn flour mill plant, and other grain processing machines. We specialize in supply the technology and service on single flour milling machine, small flour milling machinery from 10TPD to 30TPD and complete set of flour mill 40-500TPD for wheat, corn and cereals etc. Depend on the support of many different factories, we can supply the different designs with different cost to meet different buyer’s request for grain processing line. If your business is simple and initial investment is limited, 40-60TPD flour mill plant is right for you, it is steel frame construction, low cost. But if you intend to large scale supply of flour, you would have to take care of 80-250TPD or 300-500TPD complete flour mill plant. It occupies larger land spaces to build the plant workshop.
We also supply all the flour mill machines which can be used in complete grain processing line, like grain cleaning plant, grain hulling plant and flour milling plant. With more than 20 years of production experience in grain processing line, AGICO has built many turnkey projects for our clients in New Zealand, Chile, Zambia, Argentina, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Colombia, etc.

Grain cleaning plant and Flour milling plant

What Can We Do for Your Grain Processing Line?

Grain milling is the process of turning grain such as wheat, corn and other kinds of cereals into flour. Find out this knowledge could help you start a business of grain processing line. AGICO is well recognized worldwide turn-key project design provider, especially for wheat milling, corn milling. We are capable of A to Z engineering services from consultancy, design, manufacturing, onsite installation, staff training, repair and maintenance and business extension ideas.

  • Plant Consulting
    Specialized in building flour mill plant consulting, we have more than 40 members of engineers, 50 members of installing staff, 100 members of office workers, more than 20 years experience in flour milling field.
  • Project Design
    More than twenty years experience in grain cleaning, flour milling, packing, beans de-hulling, cassava starch, silo design (from 10 ton-10000 ton/pc) etc. We do design for both domestic and aboard.
  • Equipments Manufacturing
    From cleaning part to milling, packing, dust removing, elevating for grain processing, we provide complete set of engineering equipment manufacturing, as soon as possible to help save your cost.
  • Business Extension Ideas
    According to customer different needs, we also can help you to extend the project or upgrade flour mill equipment, striving to help you develop a vast market and profitable business opportunity.
  • Onsite Installation
    Serious attitude and professional action installation team ensure your grain processing line stay at top standard and save cost. Technicians won’t leave until project commissioning successfully finished.
  • Technical Support
    Technicians will supply suggestions and make adjustment accordingly. If any more questions about your grain processing line, you can find us easily by E-mail or Tel, suggestions will be supplied within 4 hours once received.
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