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Biomass pellet plant from GEMCO is able to process a great many of biomass raw materials, such as woods, wood shavings, sawdust, EFB (palm kernel), coconut shell (coconut husk), coconut tree, bagasse, straw, rice husk, coffee husk, grass, etc. GEMCO is one subsidiary of AGICO that is professionally manufactures biomass pellet machines and accessory equipments for complete pellet plant. Biomass pellet plant from GEMCO features less land space, low energy consumption and wide application range.

Types of Biomass Pellet Plant for Different Scales of Pellet Production

After years of experience in biofuel energy industry, we have developed and manufactured various standards of pellet machines for different scales of pellet production, which can meet all scales of biomass pellet production. In general, we divide biomass pellet plant into 3 types:

  • Small Pellet Plant of 50-450kg/h
  • Mobile Pellet Plant of 250-500kg/h
  • Large Pellet Plant of 1-20ton/h


Pellet Production Process And Associate Equipments for Pellet Plant

The complete 0.5-10ton/h biomass pellet plant (with Ring Die Pellet Machine) from chipping to packing is CE certified by SGS. A complete biomass pellet plant, from biomass raw material processing to final packing biomass particles, includes crushing, drying, pelletizing, cooling and packaging processes. We break down the process into three parts:

  • Material handling system (including wood chipper, hammer mill, dryer)
  • Granulating system (ring die pellet machine)
  • Packaging system (cooling and packaging)

Typical Manufacturing Steps And Associate Machines of Biomass Pellet Plant

How biomass pellets are made in a pellet plant? Generally, they will go through these following procedures:


If you use wood logs, timber or lumber as material for a wood pellet Plant, the first step is to debark logs to facilitate following steps of chipping and pulverization, therefore a wood barking machine is demanded.


The step is to reduce size of the material from logs to wood chips with the universal size of about 2cm*2cm for pulverization.

Hammer Mill

Generally, hammer mill will be applied to crush chipps into smaller size of powder. However, a, integrated crusher can be used as well to decrease size of material for pelletization. Besides, two-time pulverizing may be considered as well to achieve a better pelletizing performance and ensure pellet mill will work stably.


A sifter is bound to use if the material you possess are beyond purity. The step is to cleanse and purify material with iron scraps, oversized impurities and alleviate damages as well as wear and tear to successive machines. Apart from the special sifting equipment, we will offer magnet tubes installed on conveyers and pre-pelletizing surge bin to multi-deironing metal foreigner matters.


The moisture content of material may remain higher than the required for pelletization. Therefore drying system is needed to reduce moisture content to about 12%-15% for pelletization.


Pellet mill is the most pivotal machine within a pellet plant. After being pelletized, material will be formed into granule shape or column/cylinder shape. For a larger scale plant, from time to time more than one wood pellet mill is needed, for example 4 or 6 tons pellets per hour and AGICO is also excelling in providing large scale wood pellet plants combined with pellet mill assembly.


Newly produced biomass pellets are scolding due to the high temperature and high pressure during pelletizing. And a cooler will then be demanded to ensure the ensuing packaging and a longer storage time of pellets.


Some powdery material may also flow from pellet mill with qualified pellets, in this regard, it is proved that a sieve will separate the small amount of disqualified mealy material from good pellets and also to qualify pellet packages.

Packaging and Sealing

Packing scale can be inquired with AGICO too. Pellets can be weighed and packed in bags to facilitate pellet storage, transportation and marketing. The packing scale models are varied according to clients’ demands. We can offer both small bag packing scale and bulk bag packing scale. And packing machine offered by AGICO is also integrated with sealing machine as a whole.

How to Build A Complete Biomass Pellet Plant?

Biomass pellet mills are now widely used to make wood pellets and feed pellets. In general, wood pellet machine is more appealing since the whole world is advocating energy conservation and environment protection. Wood pellets as fuel just conform to the slogan, so an increasing number of people want to start a business by producing wood pellets to meet the market demand and make profit. Then there comes the question of how to start a biomass pellet plant. What factors should be considered when building a biomass pellet plant?

Firstly, a sufficient material supply is essential for running a pellet plant. To make wood pellets, raw materials like wood logs, bamboo, branches, sawdust and straw need to be ready for use at any moment. For instance, a wood pellet plant with a capacity of 2T/H at least shall have 60T material in the stock daily. Thus continuous production of biomass pellet can be guaranteed.

Secondly, moisture content of wood materials is rather important for pellet shaping. The ideal moisture content is 15%. If the moisture content is higher than 15%, a dryer should be equipped. When coming to the installation of a dryer, fuel has to be considered. Do manufacturers have to buy fuel for heat stove in the dryer? No, here wood pellets can in turn be used as the fuel to drive the dryer. Therefore, manufacturers do not have to worry about the fuel cost.

Lastly, a good location is also very important. A well-chosen location can save the production cost. In other words, if the location is close to the supply area of raw materials, transportation cost can no doubt be largely saved. Above all, if there is a sudden lack of materials, the close distance can meet an urgent need.

As the professional manufacturer and supplier of pellet milling machines and complete pellet plant, GEMCO always offers you the first-class equipment and service.

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