Soybean extruder

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Project Description

Oilseed extruder is also called expander or extruding machine. In expander, the Soya Flake Heat is produced with the functions of kneading, friction between the spiral shaft and inner wall of expander, meanwhile eject in steam to increase flake temperature. When the material is discharged from the seed extruding machine (expander), it is expanded because of sudden pressure-relief. Meanwhile steam in the material is evaporated all of a sudden, so that the material become microporous structure and expanded to irregular particles. After being expanded, the Flake is cooled and dried by the Cooling Drier before it to be extracted.

soybean extruder

Extruding is one key process in oil extracting. Actually, the extruding can not only affect the oil expelling process, but also the further oil refining plant. So that if you want to build an oil milling plant no matter whether there is a cooking oil refining plant or not, an oilseed extruder machine is important and necessary. In oil milling process, oil expansion process can improve the working capacity, reduce the average power consumption, reduce steam consumption, improve oil refining yield and improve quality of finished meal.

Specifications of soybean extruder

Model Capacity (t/h) Main Power (kw) Feeding Power (kw) Screw Diameter(mm)
DGP60-III 0.1-0.13 15 φ60
DGP70-II 0.18-0.2 18.5 0.4 φ70
DGP80-II 0.2-0.30 22/27 0.4 φ80
DGP90-III 0.3-0.4 30/37 0.4 φ90
DGP120-II 0.5-0.55 55 0.4 φ120
DGP135-II 0.7-0.8 75 1.1 φ133
DGP160-II 1-1.2 90 1.5 φ155
DGP200-II 1.8-2.0 132 1.5 φ195
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