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Project Description

Scraper conveyor or called drag conveyor, is designed for conveying powder, granular, small block materials. It is suitable to deal with oilseeds, granulated sugar, beans and other gain materials. In the oil processing industry, Scraper Conveyors are widely applied in vegetable oil milling plant, oil extraction line and other oil pressing projects. What affect the conveying speed is the rotating speed. As a main equipment in oil pressing plant, scraper conveying machines from AGICO are featured of simple structure, good sealing, convenient in installation and maintenance, capable of horizontal, inclined and vertical transportation.


Specifications of scraper conveyor from AGICO

Model Capacity (t/h) Speed (m/s) Max Conveying Length (m)
TGSS16 10-20 0.2-0.4 50
TGSS20 15-30 0.25-0.5 50
TGSS25 25-50 0.3-0.5 60
TGSS32 50-100 0.3-0.5 60
TGSS40 100-200 0.4-0.6 70
TGSS50 200-350 0.4-0.6 70
TGSS63 350-500 0.5-0.7 80
TGSS80 500-800 0.5-0.7 80
TGSS100 800-1000 0.5-0.8 100
TGSS160 1000-2000 0.5-0.8 100

Working Principles and Characteristics of Scraper Conveyor

Scraper (screw) conveyor is a kind of conveying equipment, with the moving of scraper chain in a closed rectangular housing, continuous sending bulk materials. Since the conveying process is based on the scraper chains, it is named scraper conveyor.

During horizontal transporting, under the combined action of pressure and gravity, inside friction produced between the materials. This inside friction can ensure the steady state of conveying materials and prevent rolling of raw materials during the conveying process. It can also overcome the external friction between the materials and the wall of closed trough, forming a continuous material flow.

During vertical transporting, under the pressure (up) of scraper chain, lateral pressure between the materials is produced, so as to form inside friction. Meanwhile, due to the continuous feeding of lower scraper, lower materials will produce continuous impetus to the upper materials. The friction force and impetus can overcome the gravity of the material itself and form a continuous material flow to sending the materials upwards.

Advantages of Screw Conveyor in Vegetable Oil Milling Plant

Screw conveyors are featured of simple structure, small in size, good sealing, convenient in installation and maintenance, capable of horizontal, inclined and vertical transportation. In a oil milling plant, screw conveyor plays both the role of horizontal screw conveyor and bucket elevator. For its flexible working process can charging and discharging at optional position of machine body. Good sealing can prevent the dust in public and improve workers operating conditions. It is suitable for conveying of bulk, granular, powder and damp materials, such as oil seeds, cooked flake, oil cakes, and mill cakes in vegetable oil processing plant.

scraper conveyor layout

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