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Project Description

The oilseed flaking machine or called oil flaker is designed to use the mechanical extruding force to make the particle material into flake material. This could increase raw material superficial area, destroy cell wall of raw material, shorten the path of oil out from the cake, and improve oil yield rate when pressing.

oil seeds flaking machine


Model Capacity(td/) Power(kw) Roller speed(r/m) Weight(kg)
KMPYZPJ250×1000 20-25 7.5*2 260 2200
KMPYZPJ400×1000 25-30 15*2 260 3500
KMPYZPJ600×700 40-50 18.5*2 285 4800
KMPYZPJ600×1000 50-70 18.5+22 285 6000
KMPYZPJ600×1250 100-120 22*2 285 6800
KMPYZPJ800×1000 120-150 30*2 285 8500
KMPYZPJ600×1500 150-200 30*2 285 8800
KMPYZPJ800×1250 180-200 37*2 285 12000

AGICO is engaged in supplying high quality oil mill machinery including soybean flaker. With the guidance of skilled professionals, our flakers are manufactured with precisely design. It is the best choice for flaking soybean and other kinds of seeds. To ensure its superior performance, this flaking equipment is rigorously tested on several quality parameters. We offer this flaker with a wide range of capacity and competitive price.

Soybean Flaking Process in Oil Mill Plant

The de-hulled soybean kernel is flaked by Flake Rollers. At the discharging tunnels equipped with aspirating channel, which will remove surface moisture of Soya Flake. The flake is uniform in thickness and good in ductility.

Design Principles of the Oilseed Flaking Machine

  • Adopt advanced production technology;
  • Wide oilseeds adaptability;
  • Focused on saving energy;

After conditioning, the oil seeds will be sent to flaking machine. Flaking process is essential and important for seed pre-processing of oil milling plant, prior to extraction. The output seed flakes will be conveyed to pressing process by means of oil mill or oil press.

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