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Project Description

Oil seeds crushing machine is also called cracking machine, which is designed to crush the raw materials into small pieces in order to meet the flaking condition in oil pressing plant. After crushing, it could increase the superficial area of raw material, beneficial for adjusting moisture and temperature when cooking. Usually it is suitable for soybean, peanut, palm kernel and some other big size raw materials.


oil seeds crushing machine

Parameters of oil seeds crashing machines

Model Capacity(t/d) Power(kw) Roller specification(mm) Weight(kg)
KMPSJФ250×800 70-100 7.5*2 250*800 3000
KMPSJФ250×1000 150-200 11*2 250×1000 3500
KMPSJФ250×1250 250-300 15*2 250×1250 5500
KMPSJФ300×1000 200-250 11*2 300×1000 5500
KMPSJФ300×1250 300-350 18.5*2 300×1250 6000
KMPSJФ400×1250 350-400 18.5*2 400×1250 7000
KMPSJФ400×1500 450-500 22*2 400×1500 8000

Oil Seed Cracking (Oilseed Crushing) Process

The oil seeds are crushed into 6-8 parts twice by The Teeth-roller Crackers for downstream hull-kernel separation and flaking. Max. Powder Ratio: 4%. Space between the teeth rollers can be adjusted easily. There is no material when the Teel-roller Crackers stopped. Avoid safety fault as overcurrent.

The purpose of soybean crushing is to crack the soybeans into many small parts, so that to meat the conditions of further processing including peeling and flaking.

Soya Pretreatment Process

The oil content of soybean/soya is around 18%~22%. The hull content is 7%~9%. The work of oil mill plant is maximum of soybean oil extraction, concentration of phospholipid and producing soybean meal (bean pulp). The main product of soybean oil plant is soybean meal, including graded soybean meal, swelling soya dregs and extraction soybean meal.

Soya Cleaning → iron removing → cleaning → conditioning → drying → First Peeling → First Crushing → Second Peeling → Second Crushing → Flaking → Expanding → Drying → Extraction

Here are four basic techniques included in the pretreatment of oilseeds: peeling, puffed and drying, crushing.

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