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Project Description

Hydraulic biomass briquette machine is also called wood briquette machine or biomass brick machine. Hydraulic biomass briquette machine is the newest model briquette machine made by GEMCO. It is mainly used to produce wood or sawdust briquettes, and also can process other biomass materials like rice husk, straw, paperboard and sugarcane bagasseor.

biomass briquettes made by hydraulic briquette making machine


After pulverized by hammer mill, the powder wood or sawdust with moisture content of 12% will be put into the material bin. Then they are conveyed to the briquetting cavity through a screw conveyor. After that, the materials are pressed by hydraulic pressure into briquettes and pushed out.

GC-HBP125 Hydraulic Briquette Machine

As our star biomass briquetting product, GC-HBP125 hydraulic briquette making machine from AGICO can significantly reduce the size of all kinds of biomass material that you have as much as 90%, turning them into biomass briquettes with smaller volume, higher heating value concentration and easy for transporting. This new generation hydraulic briquette machine bring hydraulic system and its features into biomass fuel industry. By integrating Siemens intelligent PLC module, this briquetting machine realizes a better environment where making biomass briquettes is smarter, safer and quieter. This hydraulic briquette machine makes briquettes from kinds of biomass material, including hard and soft wood, chipboard, paper, wood shavings, saw dust, crop straw, etc.


Hydraulic briquette making machine

If you are from furniture industry, or saw mills and so forth, GEMCO hydraulic briquette machine is the very right machine for you as it can help you dealing with the tons of wasted material by pressing them into compact high value biofuel briquettes, whose combustion performance is much better than the regular firewood or coal. This is definitely a one-stone-two-birds business.

 Specifications of GCHBP125 Hydraulic briquette machine

Voltage 380v,220v(AC)
Hydraulic motor 7.5kw
Motor for scraping 1.5kw
MWP (maximum working pressure) 280Bar
Water content of the material 12%±4%
Feedstock shapes wood shaving or sawdust
Capacity 125kg/h
Overall size see drawing 1
Weight 1.2t

Main parts of GC-HBP125 Hydraulic Briquette Machine

As its name suggests,GC-HBP125 hydraulic briquette machine is based on hydraulic drive. It can be mainly divided into three parts: Mechanical Part, Hydraulic Part and Electrical Control Part.

Mechanical Part of GC-HBP125 Hydraulic Briquette Machine

Mechanical part can be divided into bin, the prepressing cylinder, master cylinder, clamping cylinder and mold.

  • Bin parts: The bin is made of stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion, greatly improving the using time and reducing the maintenance cost. The stand below is made from channel steel or steel plate by welding. Simple structure but firm and reliable. The bin is designed with stirring device to ensure evenly and continuous feeding, prevent material jam, improve the briquetting production efficiency.
  • The prepressing cylinder: It is used to send the materials through the compressing chamber into the moulding chamber, which is good for the further briquetting.
  • Master cylinder: This is where the briquettes are formed.
  • Clamping cylinder: The extruding in this part is vertically. It is set to cooperate with the compression of master cylinder. It plays an important role in shape preserving.
  • The mold parts: They help molding the materials into uniform shapes which is tidy, beautiful and practical. The shape can be square, round, rectangular or be customized according to users’ requirement.

Hydraulic Parts of GC-HBP125 Hydraulic Briquette Machine

It is mainly composed of oil tank, motor, oil pump, a number of solenoid valve, pressure gauge, heating and cooling system, etc. Hydraulic briquetting system has the advantages of low noise, simple operation, saving space, and light weight. It is designed with perfect overload protection system. The oil pump is driven by motor. Then through the electromagnetic directional valve, the action of each hydraulic cylinder can be controlled precisely and achieve the best briquetting result. Our hydraulic system is equipped with a pressure gauge, making it possible to display the pressure values under the current working status, so that the operator can easily control the briquetting process.

This biomass briquette making machine is also equipped with cooling and heating system to control the temperature of oil tank. The system will automatically start cooling or heating when it is higher or lower than set temperature. There is an oil filter in the oil tank. Cooling oil return adopts two-circuit. Once blocking, the one-way valve oil return can be open, to eliminate the safety trouble.

Electrical Parts of GC-HBP125 Hydraulic Briquette Machine

The electrical part is automatically controlled by PLC system through sensors and application. The parameter is set by the touch screen. There is position sensors mounted on the prepressing cylinder and master cylinder, in order to better control the oil tank and make briquettes with different specifications.

Advantages of Hydraulic Wood Briquette Machine from AGICO

  • It has good forming rate, low power consumption, stable running, highly automatic operating system, complete alarm system and takes small space.
  • It adopts PLC system and visual touch screen control system, so that all processes can be seen on the screen. The PLC is SIMENS 224 Series; the contactor, motor protector and other components are Schneider brand; the touch screen uses domestic famous brand THINGET.
  • Automatic alarm device is applied to the wood briquette machine to ensure production safety, which includes overpressure alarm, temperature alarm, blockage alarm, etc. Operator can see the alarm light and know where goes wrong quickly and solve the problem in time. (More details will be shown in our Instruction Manual.)
  • The automatic feeding system can ensure steady production and prevent material blockage.
  • The high-strength hydraulic pressing system can provide enough compression force to keep the safety and stability of briquetting process. The hydraulic valve is imported German Rexroth brand.
  • The shape of briquettes can be customized according to customer requirement.
  • The quality and performance of this hydraulic wood briquette machine can meet EU standards.
  • Complete intelligent liquid temperature control system. If the hydraulic oil temperature exceeds the top and bottom limitation of set temperature, the system will automatically start cooling fan or electric heating system to guarantee oil temperature.
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